Philippe Granger, poète chantant... vous souhaite la bienvenue

Philippe Granger, poète chantant... vous souhaite la bienvenue

to Mac v 1.2.4 windOCD where download

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MOApp Software Manufactory
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windocd vers.1.2.4

Let windOCD put windows in their places!
- One Tool to find them. Arrange, align, and move all your windows with a snap of the fingers. No need for a mouse or to open yet another window first.
- One Tool to bring them all. Clutter is the enemy of any productive work and creativity. With windOCD you can bind all your windows closely; directly from the start.

- Menu bar application
- Does not show up in your dock
- Native standalone macOS application
- No hack, no tweak, no plugins required
- Keep your system integrity protection intact

- Align, arrange, move any window to your needs
- Save default window frames for unlimited applications
- Restore those positions/sizes at any time by shortcut or menu
- Saved applications can restore those positions/sizes automatically when they start
- Use customisable global shortcuts for the alignment, save, and restore actions
- Small footprint, works for non-native applications like Photoshop or Word too

Replaces the MenuAndDockless on macOS 10.12 Sierra and later.

Best 10.11.4 [5194 kb]

Updated version [6654 kb]

Recomended to OS X m2p.windOCD.vers.1.2.5.dmg [6187 kb]

New High Sierra [6187 kb]

Featured High Sierra windOCD_vers.1.4.4_Wlyw8a.tar.gz [6070 kb]

MOApp Software Manufactory

Serial key windOCD 1.2.4

Featured for OS X lkh-SignalScope-Pro-vers-3.10.dmg {8819 kb} 3.8.6

MacOS {1450 kb} 3.74

Updated for iMac {13648 kb} 11.2.3

Best! version ABSINTHE_VERS_1.0.4_0GM3.PKG {8785 kb} 1.0.2

Version OS X {2472 kb} 3.1.01
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