Philippe Granger, poète chantant... vous souhaite la bienvenue

Philippe Granger, poète chantant... vous souhaite la bienvenue

vector 3 express: audio editor v.3.4 🆕 how download to 10.13.6

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Description: Audio / Jaroslaw Szpilewski / 14438 KB / Multimedia Design / Vector 3 Express: Audio Editor

◎ CNP_v.3.4_Vector_3_Express:_Audio_Editor.tar.gz

Vector is the swiss army knife of digital audio. Record audio, edit existing audio files, convert your music between the most common audio file formats, digitize your old vinyl records or record internet radio stations (requires installation of the free Soundflower driver). Whatever you need to get done - if it has something to do with audio Vector is your best bet!
Vector 3 is the next generation of our popular audio editing and recording app for the Mac. We rewrote the app completely from scratch and added many new features for version 3.0. Vector is now a full blown audio editor that offers professional features and yet is still easy to use!

- Editing:
- Cut, Copy and Paste between multiple documents
- Delete and Trim audio
- Infinite and instantaneous Undo and Redo
- Undo and Redo states are saved with the document
- Supports importing of multiple audio files into one document
- Supports full screen editing
- Supports Stereo and Mono audio
- Supports sampling rates 8khz - 96khz
- Supports bit depths 8bit, 16bit, 24bit, 32bit
- Supports conversion between all channel layouts, samples rates and bit depths
- Waveform zoom levels from 100% down to 1:1 sample resolution
- Supports editing of individual samples

- Recording:
- Supports recording from built in microphone and line-in
- Supports recording from any USB and FireWire Audio Device that is supported by OS X
- Supports recording from other apps and the internet with the help of Soundflower
- Maximum recording length is only limited by free space on the hard drive

- Audio Effects
- Fade In
- Fade Out
- Generate Silence
- Silence Selection
- Change Gain
- Normalize Audio
- Reverse Audio
- Delay (Echo)
- Peak Limiter
- Apply Distortion
- Graphic Equalizer
- Low Pass Filter
- High Pass Filter
- Band Pass Filter
- Multiband Compressor
- Matrix Reverb
- Change Pitch
- Support for 3rd party Audio Unitplugins

- File Formats (import and export):
- MP3 and OGG Vorbis
- M4A, MP4, AAC and M4R (iPhone ringtones)
- Flac Lossless, Apple Lossless

- Support:
- Detailed Manual included
- 24 hours support byemail

OS X | 14004 kbytes |

iMac | 11983 kbytes |

on iMac Pro YN7G-VECTOR-3-EXPRESS:-AUDIO-EDITOR-VER.-4.4.TAR.GZ | 16748 kbytes |

Recomended! version vers.3.5.Vector.3.Express:.Audio.Editor.tdkAxR.pkg | 13427 kbytes |

Jaroslaw Szpilewski

on iMac Pro (28221 KB) 2016.15

New on Mojave VERS.7.6.3-ICASH-IXF.APP (47112 KB) 7.9.1
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